The cutting-edge digital fuel delivery service of ENOC group was launched in 2019 as part of NEXT, ENOC Group’s accelerator programme to cater to the increasing demand in UAE for innovative fuel supply solutions.

ENOC Link is built around 3 main pillars


Convenient - Increase your up-time by always having the fuel you need, when and where you need it.

Coverage - We deliver high-quality fuel across the UAE and straight to your business premises.

Cost Effective - Providing competitive fuel rates and having us come to you means your business can benefit from serious savings on mileage and vehicle wear and tear.



RFID/Fraud Free - Access to ENOC retail stations with RFID enabled VIP tags. Certified smart fueling meters to fuel authorised vehicles and ensure traceability through automated receipts for each refill.

Connected Meter Fuelling - Our end-to-end digital fuelling process is built with world-class tech. Our drivers use our mobile app to start and stop fueling, obtain digital receipts with a supervisor’s signature, and fuel limit per vehicle.

Fuel Analytics/Insights - We intelligently gather your fuel data to get an in- depth view of your fuel consumption patterns, mileage reporting per vehicle, and monitor efficiency with insightful fuel analytics like never before.


We offer Biodiesel - We can improve your business’s sustainability goals by providing Biodiesel - B5, B20 & B100 to your fleet and equipment directly.

We offer Adblue - We care about our planet and increasing sustainability. EnocBlue can be added to your fleet to help reduce the harmful toxins and emissions from vehicles.

Inoperations Excellence - Our operation strives to be the safest, most progressive in energy delivery. Enoclink creates a better supply chain and delivers fuel directly to the customer, cutting congestion and CO2.


Delivering Excellence with ENOC

High-Quality Fuel - We source our fuel directly from the ENOC terminal and is of the highest quality.

Reliable Fuel Supply - Benefit from continuous supply via Dubai's biggest terminals,delivered without delay.

Highest Safety Training- Our drivers are fully trained fuel experts who carry out industry-standard safety practices. They are regularly updated and trained as per ENOC's safety standards.

Access to ENOC Retail - Access to all of ENOC retail stations and all of the automotive services such as Auto Pro and Tasjeel.

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