Supply Trading & Processing

Supply Trading & Processing

Supply Trading and Processing

Regarded as the core of ENOC's operations, the STP segment lends impetus to ENOC's growth by maximising returns on midstream and downstream assets. STP leads the three vital operations of supply, trading and processing by promoting value added business propositions. The business segment plays a critical role in managing the supply side of ENOC's other operations at any geographical location. Operating two plants to international standards, the segment provides various refined products found at the ENOC/EPPCO retail network, at Dubai and other regional airports and within the local industry. The segment leverages the group's strategic position through supply and trading operations, thereby ensuring profitable supply economics integration with ENOC's asset positions. Driving its trading functions, the business identifies and taps into the right marketing outlets both in the UAE and internationally.

Condensate Refinery 140,000 bpd
LPG Diesel
Naphtha Fuel Oil
Reformate Sulphur
Jet Fuel  
MTBE Plant 675,000 ktpa

DUGAS provides efficient and reliable management and operation of gas processing facilities. Operations include the design, engineering and construction of the Dubai Government's onshore and offshore gas complexes consisting of platforms, pipelines, processing plants and terminals.

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