Marine Stations

ENOC Group has five marine service stations located in Dubai International Marine Club, Jumeirah 3, Dubai Abra, Hamriyah Market and Umm Suqeim in order to meet the fuel demands of boat and yacht owners in Dubai..

With its futuristic design, the service station also sets standards in energy efficiency with features such as Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air-conditioning to cut down electricity use by as much as 35 per cent and LED lighting that helps to achieve 50 per cent reduction in use of energy. The station also has a vapour recovery unit, high-efficacy LED signages and solar deck lighting on the pontoons.

Our latest service station at Dubai Harbour, the fifth by ENOC to serve marine fueling needs, will primarily serve the fuelling requirements of boat and yacht-owners in the community, adding to their convenience and ease of access to fuel. The opening of our new marine service station underlines our commitment to meet the diverse fuelling requirements of residents and visitors of Dubai; while preserving and enhancing UAE's rich maritime heritage. Dubai Harbour is a thriving waterfront community with a growing requirement of fuel from boat and yacht owners. We hope to add to their convenience with our new marine service station. With two 50-metre long pontoons in the sea, the marine service station has six fuel dispensers, fed through underground fuel tanks.

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