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News Releases

ENOC Group two new service stations in Sharjah

June 06, 2021

ENOC Group opened two new service stations in Sharjah, bringing the total number of ENOC’s service stations to nine in Sharjah and 155 across the UAE.

Located in Al Rahmaniya residential area on the E611, both service stations are part of a larger plan to construct 12 new stations in Sharjah by the end of the year to meet the increasing demand for fuel and automotive services in the Emirate.

Spread over 5600sqm and 3911sqm respectively, both stations are equipped with one fuel canopy, six multimedia fuel dispensers and five fuel tanks with a capacity of 15,000 imperial gallons. The two stations have a new enhanced ZOOM store on site, offering more than 7,500 food and beverage options and Pronto for the daily needs of the customers

Both stations are built with stage two vapour recovery systems to reduce emissions while the fuel is decanted into storage tanks and during refueling of vehicles. They have fully automated fuel systems with auto tank gauging as well as electronic leak detection system.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO ENOC, said: “As a National Oil company, we are committed to further developing the infrastructure of the UAE to meet the growing demand for energy and fuel. As the third most popular Emirate and with the growing population of over a million residents, our concerted efforts to expand our service station network in Sharjah is in our line with our long-term strategy to expand our retail presence in the country. The opening of the new service stations will further ensure easy access to fuel as well as automotive and retail services for residents and motorists.”

The two service stations have been built according to global best practices with full retail automation and modern construction standards and in compliance with Sharjah Municipality green standards.  

They are equipped with cutting technologies such as the ultra-modern variable refrigerant flow for air conditioning systems with a high energy efficiency ratio. This reduces energy consumption by 35 percent. The service stations also use ozone free and environmentally friendly refrigerant for all refrigeration units. The lighting and illumination are based on zero maintenance, low voltage LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, thereby achieving 50 per cent energy saving.

The ZOOM stores will have an extended service counter as well as an improved design to offer customers a better shopping experience. Various methods of payment including ENOCPay, ViP, and mobile payments are accepted. The recently launched ‘Yes’ rewards programme is also accepted at both stations. ‘Yes’ rewards programme enables customers to earn points and rewards when paying for fuel, automotive services or for purchasing convenience store products and groceries; as well as F&B across ENOC’s service station network.

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