News Releases

News Releases

ENOC Link increased Transguard operational efficiency through night-time fuelling

November 15, 2020

ENOC Link, ENOC’s digital fuel delivery arm, extended its support to fuel Transguard’s fleet of vehicles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at night, enabling to increase the fleet’s operational efficiency and reduce downtime.

With its track-record in delivering quality fuel to the highest standards of safety and service excellence, ENOC Link has been fuelling hundreds of Transguard vehicles from 10PM to 2AM, to ensure fleet-readiness for next day operations, with provisions to increase number of vehicles being fuelled in the near future.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC, said: “ENOC Link’s business model enables us to provide innovative fueling solutions for our partners across various industries to enhance business and operational efficiencies. Through ENOC Link, we hope to offer Transguard’s fleet an integrated suite of reliable, safe, and convenient access to fuel, and are pleased to support Transguard in making their fleet fully ready through night-time fueling.”

Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group, said: “We pride ourselves on our ability to run an efficient and secure operation. ENOC Link has enhanced our operational capability by safely fuelling our entire fleet at night. ENOC Link has an integrated dashboard that helps us understand our consumption pattern by asset daily. Further, the mileage reporting system helps us monitor vehicles with low fuel efficiency and prompts us to think about steps that should be taken to improve their performance.”

ENOC Link offers an end-to-end digital fuelling experience along with advanced fuel analytics, fleet management, and reporting. Customers of commercial fleets will also have access to an online dashboard to track fuel consumption on an aggregated level, by site, and even by vehicle or an equipment.

ENOC Link’s fleet of purpose-built vehicles are tested and certified to the highest standards, equipped with integrated smart meters and operated by fully trained drivers and operators carrying the same high-spec fuel products sold through ENOC’s traditional service stations.

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