News Releases

News Releases

ENOC Group offers containerised fuel tanks for companies and commercial sites

November 09, 2020

ENOC Group has introduced containerised fuel storage tanks designed specifically to meet the large-scale refuelling requirements for companies in the construction, mining and transportation sectors.

With a capacity to carry up to 41,000 liters of all fuel types including Diesel 10ppm, Biodiesel5, Gasoline Special 95, and Gasoline Super 98,  the containerised tanks can be installed at customers premises, which reduces transportation cost, requires minimum installation, and helps in improving and expanding operations in the long run. 

ENOC’s containerised tanks are designed with an above the ground tank, enabling easy access for inspection, maintenance and cleaning. They come in two capacities of 25,000 litres and 41,000 litres.

The upgraded self-bunded containerised fuel tanks come with an array of innovative features, which create a safer work environment and are built with the tanks held inside to protect against fuel leaks and spillages for the safety of operators and the surrounding environments.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC, said: “We take pride in our ability to offer businesses innovative and quality services that enhance their operational efficiencies. The new containerised fuel tanks have allowed us to redefine our approach to business, offering our customers the option to have a dedicated refueling offering installed at their premises.

“We previously launched a compact station, a relocatable station that can be installed and dismantled within 30 days in residential communities, which has seen a huge success among customers in Arabian Ranches. We are now introducing a similar concept which is more cost effective, environmentally friendly, and safer to use by companies and fleet operators.”

The new containerised tanks can be easily transported from one site to another and have the possibility of being installed in areas that are usually hard to access. They come with a tank gauge that helps keep track of the fuel level, a lockable filling point to prevent fuel theft, a fuel inspection hatch for ease of access to the tank and a warning system in the event of sudden drops in fuel levels.

Some of ENOC’s strategic partners including Government organisations and private commercial customers have already installed the new tanks in their sites, while others are in the process of acquiring them.

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