ENOC And Sustainability

ENOC And Sustainability

ENOC and Sustainability

ENOC views sustainability as need of an hour with an aim to conserve, protect and hence contribute to the future generation.

Our dedication to compliance and carry out ethical business conduct enable us to fulfill our mission to achieve sustainable growth while being responsible to our stakeholders.

As the Corporate Vision states, all companies within ENOC are committed to upholding the highest standards of responsibility and are encouraged to give back to the community - socially, environmentally and economically.

The main focus areas for achieving sustainability are:

Environmental Sustainability
  • Structure of SMART environmental objectives and measure our progress to meet the goals.
  • Apply environmental awareness to our purchasing practices in order to provide our guest with sustainable products and services.
  • Train and educate internal and relevant external stakeholders to develop awareness and understanding of key environmental issues and sharing of best practices throughout an organization.
  • Implement effective pollution prevention program, minimizing resources, generation of wastes, reduce and recycle materials, innovate new practices and dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
Employer Sustainability
  • Provide equal opportunities to all employees and maximize employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Contribute to Emiratization by actively hiring and train the UAE nationalist for positions at all levels.
Social Sustainability
  • Identify and support local charity partners at all level for effective community programs
  • Implement scholarship schemes, awards, etc all across the UAE.
  • ENOC is committed to quality of products and services. We are always committed to ensure that we exceed our customer's expectations and provide consistent quality services. Quality management is embedded in all of our business segments where we always strive to make continual improvement through internal and external audits.

The ENOCvision

To be a leading regional integrated oil & gas group highly profitable and socially responsible towards employees, community and environment

The ENOC Mission Statement

  • Achieving sustainable development and highly profitable growth.
  • Serving growing energy needs of Dubai.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining top talent to become the employer of choice.
  • Adopting latest technologies and implementing best practices thus achieving world - class performance. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality and service.
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality and service.
  • Maintaining high industry standards in Environment, Health and Safety.


As a responsible Oil & Gas operator of the UAE, we are committed to protect environment and increase energy efficiency in sustainable manner. Our focus is not only to comply with the regulations, but to go beyond them by adopting various innovative approaches in technologies, best practices and purchase strategies across our diversified business segments.

We have adopted this approach in various ways. Our major initiatives are constructing Green filling stations, converting biogas from waste to CNG, water recycling, developing green & high performance lube products, fuel conservations, Vapour recovery, use of renewables, etc.

We believe that sustainability is one of the prime areas to grow as an organization and to become choice of customers.

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