Vision, Mission & Values For The Future

Vision, Mission & Values For The Future

Strategic objectives

  • Serve growing energy needs of Dubai and contribute to the achievement of Dubai Plan 2021.
  • Build world-class capabilities to profitably and sustainably grow domestically and internationally.
  • Foster operational excellence, governance and world-class EHS standards.
  • Develop the "One ENOC" culture: integrated as one team along the value chain.
  • Maximize happiness and value delivered to employees, customers and partners.
Corporate video

Our Vision

"To be an innovative energy partner, delivering sustainable value and industry leading performance."

Our Mission

"To deliver world-class sustainable and integrated energy solutions. We do so by striving for excellence in operations, innovation and happiness for our employees, customers and partners."


  • Teamwork - Working together by sharing ownership, responsibilities and outcomes
  • Integrity - Being honest, truthful, reliable and fair while dealing with all stakeholders
  • Transparency - Being open, straightforward and consistent in all we do by communicating with clarity, simplicity and precision
  • Respect - Acknowledge, recognize, and value all stakeholders
  • Customer Focus - Position customer first in all that we do
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