Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited - known as DUGAS provides efficient and reliable management and operation of gas processing facilities.

Founded in 1977, Dugas has a proud 40-year history, establishing a solid presence in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in the Gulf and the Middle East region, and has grown into a fully diversified organization, providing efficient and reliable management and operation of gas processing facilities. Operations include the design, engineering and construction of the Dubai Government's onshore and offshore gas complexes consisting of platforms, pipelines, processing plants and terminals.

The company's strength lies in its robust infrastructure and organisation. Distinguished for its management of complex infrastructure and industrial facilities, DUGAS demonstrates its strength through planning, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance.

DUGAS's Jebel Ali plant was inaugurated on April 22 1980 by the late ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Consequently, Dubai became a producer and exporter of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

In 1995, DUGAS entered the petrochemical business when it began exporting methyl-tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) worldwide from its MTBE plant.

DUGAS has celebrated several milestones over the years. Its recent partnership with IGPL (FZE), a wholly owned subsidiary of IG Petrochemicals Limited to set up a new joint venture in the UAE to manufacture Maleic Anhydride comes as a move to diversify its portfolio from MTBE. It also represents a key step towards expanding the petrochemicals industry in the UAE.

DUGAS's achievements in this field are many and have enabled Dubai to become a global competitor in the O&G industry while solidifying its commitment to support Dubai's focus on economic diversification.

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