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Established in 1974, through the vision of the late Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates Gas LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and a leading player in the UAE’s gas industry.

Emirates Gas strives to establish industry benchmarks by adopting world-class standards and best practices to serve the industrial, commercial and residential developments and benefit local communities in Dubai and the UAE over the years in using gas. Pioneers in providing an uninterrupted supply of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the UAE, Emirates Gas works closely with local authorities to formulate and implement policies, and maintaining the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards.


Responding to the increasing demand for energy and sustainable development in the region, Emirates Gas has introduced several innovative products, such as: Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP), Cutting Edge Gas (CEG), Pro-Power, R 290; in addition to alternative automotive fuels, such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Emirates Gas was also the first in the region to introduce the new generation composite cylinders; a lightweight, safe alternative for LPG cylinders; contributing to diversifying the energy mix in UAE.

LPG Cylinder

LPG cylinders are one of the most efficient, economical and clean solutions for your home, offering multiple advantages and benefits, such as faster and efficient cooking, maintaining lower temperature at the kitchen and taking care of the environment with the lowest emissions.

Our cylinders capacity come in 5.5kg, 11kg, 22kg and 44kg. We also offer a smaller cylinder for mobile outdoor use and was the first in the region to introduce new technology composite cylinders


For Restaurants

We provide the most suitable advice on storage and focus on maximizing value and reducing costs for all our partners. With our tailored approach and decades of industry experience, we offer solutions to suit individual requirements and various purposes for restaurant and café operations.

For Hotels

Emirates Gas team caters to the needs of hospitality businesses of all sizes, from small to large organisations. Our qualified team of experts offer tailored advice for your business energy needs and requirements, ensuring most cost effective and easy to manage solutions.

For Industry

Emirates Gas stands is a reliable partner for LPG industrial needs, be it cutting, melting, heating or drying purposes. LPG can be used as an automotive fuel in addition to other specialised applications. For large volume users, we supply large fleet of modern tankers in sizes varying from 5MT to 25MT.

LPG Composite Cylinder

The composite cylinder introduced in the UAE by Emirates Gas is an innovation in gas cylinder manufacturing technology where composite material is used instead of the traditional steel. These composite cylinders are convenient to use and have a significant advantage with its lightweight.


Emirates Gas offer highly consistent and high-quality product, making us a leading supplier for Propane. A component of LPG, Propane is supplied for applications where higher vapor pressure is required, long lengths of pipeline and particularly in colder climatic conditions.


With a dedicated Butane storage facility and road tankers, Emirates Gas supplies Butane to major petroleum companies for blending Gasoline with Butane.

Butane is made available by Emirates Gas as a fuel or as an Aerosol Propellant for certain applications. Emirates Gas is also actively involved and serves as a reliable partner for industries who work with the Butanization of gasoline.

Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP)

Emirates Gas is proud to be the first company in the region to supply Aerosol Propellants. Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP) has proven to be a viable replacement of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and helps to protect the ozone layer. Emirates Gas brings you incredible performance and efficiency by introducing Cutting Edge Gas, (CEG); an effective fuel for metal working applications. CEG is a new generation product, suited for clients looking for a convenient and cost-efficient energy.

Cutting Edge Gas (CEG)

Emirates Gas brings you incredible performance and efficiency by introducing Cutting Edge Gas, (CEG); an effective fuel for metal working applications. CEG is a new generation product, suited for clients looking for a convenient and cost-efficient energy.

CEG is currently available in 44KG and 22KG Cylinders, as well as in mini bulk tanks of 180 kg.


Emirates Gas has launched Pro-Power, a new range of cylinders filled with high-quality propane to fuel forklifts. Providing a powerful performance to give the forklifts vital thrust and consistent power to lift heavy loads in varied terrain, it also burns clean, with significantly lower emissions and without any spillage, marking it an ecofriendly solution for forklift operations.

Pro-Power is delivered by Emirates Gas throughout the UAE and is available in 11 and 17 KG Cylinders.


R-290 is a high purity Propane, with a Propane content of minimum 98% and nil moisture. This environmentally friendly, specialised halogen free, hydrocarbon refrigerant is an ideal replacement for CFCs and HCFCs.

Cool gas

Emirates Gas has developed a new product-service offering, CoolGas, to assist ship owners and repairers of bulk LPG to cool the gas carrier cargo tanks to sub-zero temperatures. This innovative product-service offering has enabled ship repair facilities in the UAE to avoid delays in loading at the final load port, cooling their tanks locally and sufficiently helping with operations.


Besides this comprehensive suite of quality products - supplied to customers both local & international markets - Emirates Gas also offers a range of services:

  • Technical consultancy and assistance in areas of storage, gas characteristics and usage optimizations, from project inception
  • Remote monitoring of product in customer tanks and pro-active topping-up of stock levels
  • A fully integrated supply and maintenance service, where the customer simply pays for the gas and benefits from free maintenance and a host of other features
  • Lease and sale of storage tanks, including periodic testing and maintenance
  • E-services and online order placement service through our web portal
  • Short-notice emergency supply
  • LPG safety training
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) & Safety audits prior to bulk delivery in order to ensure the highest safety standards of LPG receipt and storage systems
  • Testing and inspection of ISO containers
  • Decanting and de-gassing services for customer LPG tanks
  • Build, Own, Maintain projects for large Central Gas System Customers
  • Comprehensive cylinder maintenance to ensure public safety

Emirates Gas has a robust presence and supply chain across the UAE; with its main terminal in located in Jebel Ali and a distribution center at Al Qusais in Dubai. Emirates Gas also operates three LPG bottling plants in the Northern Emirates (Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain). Emirates Gas operations are seamlessly integrated with ENOC Group’s midstream refinery and gas processing plants at Jebel Ali; providing access to various LPG products to customers and also supplies International customers through ISO Container filling from its Jebel Ali Terminal.

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