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A quick-service restaurant franchised from the US, Paavo’s Pizza is the first pizzeria to introduce the concept of 'Pizza in Five Minutes' in the UAE and in the wider Middle East region. Originating in a little town in South Dakota, United States, Paavo's Pizza - inspired by the legacy of Paavo himself - uses fresh, quality ingredients sourced from local farms, cheese specially chosen from around the world and dough crafted to an ancient recipe using authentic techniques.

Paavo’s works on the popular 'build your own' concept with both, signature pizzas and full customisation options. Pizzas are fired in a traditional pizza oven, directly in front of patrons for a legitimately true pizza experience and… as promised, it will be fresh out of the oven to your table in 5 minutes.

When it comes to the food, it’s undeniably and deliciously sumptuous. Our staffs are supremely well-trained, polite, friendly and accommodating. The cherry on top is that our orders are mostly timely served. All in all, Paavo’s guarantees a great experience.

It's a handy place to enjoy varied, tasty, quick and efficiently served pizzas at a great price.

As well as being a premium pizza experience for consumers, Paavo's Pizza is ideal due to its upscale settings, suiting all-day dining.

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