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News Releases

ENOC Link to roll out the world’s first eLink Stations across the UAE

July 14, 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July xx 2021: ENOC Link the digital mobile fuel delivery service for businesses in the UAE by ENOC Group, today announced its plans to roll out its new and world-first eLink Station across the UAE.  The eLink Station is a mobile fuelling format that will enable motorists and customers easy access and convenient fuelling services.

It is designed to significantly enhance the fuel station network coverage for customers by reducing the time needed to deploy (12-18 months to build) as well as the reduced space requirements (~30,000sqm vs >50,000sqm for a traditional fuel station). It is therefore ideally suited to permanently serve communities and business areas.  

ENOC Link’s eLink Station is equipped with a 30,000 litres tank and can fuel up to four vehicles simultaneously, thereby cutting down on waiting time. The mobile station uses formula 1 carbon fibre to design the “wings”, which are lightweight and will give customers shade while fuelling. The eLink Station is also equipped with innovative digital systems giving customers a new fuelling experience.

 The mobile station will offer consumers a reliable supply of Special 95, Super 98, diesel and Biodiesel.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC, said: “As a national oil company, we are dedicated to fulfilling the fuelling needs of UAE residents. We are aware of the changing dynamics in fuel retail; customers are on the lookout for easy and accessible services, as we gear up for Expo 2020 Dubai, we will continue to feed the country with different innovative fuelling offerings.

We have always been at the forefront of reinventing how we can offer access to fuel. We’ve launched our compact station to cater to consumers living in remote residential locations and now, we’ve extended our ENOC Link operations to cover consumers and motorists with our world-first eLink Station.” 

Designed as a futuristic mobile fuelling format, the eLink Station does not require assembly and can easily relocate to a different location on the spot based on the needs of the UAE’s residents, depending on shifts in demand for fuel without any downtime.  The eLink Station is fully sustainable and includes vapour recovery systems to reduce emissions while loading from storage tanks, it is powered by biodiesel, features LED digital screens and lighting, and is equipped with a smart meter, an IoT gateway, cloud connection, GPS tracking, and RFID technology .

ENOC Link complies with the highest international safety standards including NFPA, ADR and UL. To minimise health and safety risks, all delivery staff are fully trained to follow strict safety and fuelling protocols.

Customers will also benefit from the ‘Yes’ rewards programme soon at the eLink Station, by earning points and rewards when paying for fuel, and other purchases at the eLink Station.


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