News Releases

News Releases

ENOC Link dedicates refueling vehicles to support nation-wide disinfection drive

April 05, 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 05 April, 2020 - ENOC Link extended its support to Dubai Municipality’s national disinfection drive to curb the COVID-19 outbreak by dedicating mobile fueling trucks to provide free petrol and diesel fuel to all the vehicles and equipment used in the campaign across all locations in Dubai.

Two dedicated ENOC Link diesel trucks with a capacity of 5,000 litres each and one truck with a capacity of 2,600 liters carrying Special 95 petrol were exclusively fueling Dubai Municipality’s fleet of vehicles and equipment, saving the disinfection fleet travel time to refuel. Convenient refueling of the fleet enhanced the campaign’s operational efficiency contributing to timely disinfection and sterilisation measures.

H.E Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO of ENOC: “ENOC has always been a keen contributor to the national agenda. We are committed to utilising our expertise and technology to support our Government’s heroic efforts in fighting Covid-19 outbreak. The Government’s mandate to execute a nationwide disinfection drive is of grave importance for the safety of our communities and we are proud to lend our support by ensuring that their fleet has uninterrupted access to fuel, irrespective of their location.”

ENOC Link trucks will be located in designated locations which will be determined by Dubai Municipality’s daily plans for the disinfection campaign.

Dawood Al Hajeri, Director General, Dubai Municipality said: “Today we see companies, organisations and members of the community come together to support the government in its efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. We recognise the value of these initiatives and how they will help us in fighting this global pandemic. Together we will work to turn ideas into tangible realities, all in the hopes of achieving one goal.”

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