ENOC For Motorists

ENOC For Motorists


ENOC is committed to providing reliable, high quality products and services to motorists across the UAE. We are proud of our extensive network of conveniently located service stations which include convenience stores, car wash facilities, oil change services, automotive maintenance workshops and vehicle testing & registration. Along with a variety of food and beverage outlets. Our service stations are staffed by highly qualified, experienced staff ready to help you with all your motoring needs, using products that meet the highest international safety and quality standards. Whether you need a simple tank refill, a spotless, clean car, an oil change, or help resolving another minor maintenance issue, ENOC has what you need to keep you moving and safe on the road.

On our site you will find information to keep you up to date with ENOC and UAE motoring news. Keep an eye on fuel prices, check out our ongoing promotions and deals or simply find your nearest petrol pump or service station; whatever you need to know, you'll find it here.

Did You Know?


Service stations in our retail network in
United Arabic Emirates


Service stations in our retail network in
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The New Per Liter Fuel

Fuel Retail Prices

UAE fuel prices are set on a monthly basis. Stay up to date with the latest fuel prices and know what you should expect to pay; check out the price per litre for Special, Super, E PLUS 91, and Diesel fuels here

98 Super

AED 3.03
95 Special

AED 2.92

AED 3.42
91 E-Plus

AED 2.85
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