EHS Assurance Functions

ENOC Environmental, Health and Safety

At ENOC, we are conscious that managing EHS is an important part of our operations and we address this in a responsible manner through our commitment to processes that are designed to systematically help us achieve continuous improvement in EHS performance.

Our Group's management is committed to operating ENOC facilities in a manner which protects the health and safety of employees, contractors and customers; safeguards the environment; and minimises the risk to people and local communities that may adversely be affected by our operations.

Since the implementation our EHS Management System, we have dedicated significant efforts towards developing and maintaining sound and safe operations across our businesses. To sustain our operations in the long-term, in addition to these efforts, we are committed to focusing on managing risks more effectively.

We firmly believe that our organisation's long-term success depends to a great extent on continuing improvements in EHS management. As we strive for best practice in all areas of EHS, our goal is to rise above industry standards, beyond compliance and to progress steadily towards becoming an industry leader that will set a new benchmark for the rest.


To make safety and sustainability a way of life


To build a generative
safety culture and enhance business excellence
through effective risk management


Providing top management assurance that all
credible EHS risks are being addressed adequately
and ensuring compliance with relevant
regulations and procedures.

Centre of Excellence

Delivering value-added EHS technical services
across ENOC Group and facilitating operational

Organisation Culture Development

Embedding EHS as an integral part of ENOC
Group's organisational culture and as a core value
to every employee across the Group

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