"The development of human capital is the global currency of 21st century economies." - His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

UAE nationals are a huge asset to our company, and each of our Emirati employees are truly valued, feel welcomed, and are a part of the family.

At the top of ENOC's agenda is the continued dedication to bolstering the level of Emiratization within the company. Emiratization will remain front and centre as ENOC pursues new projects and mergers and acquisitions in Dubai and beyond.

As a part of our Emiritisation strategy, ENOC has an objective of identifying and nurturig the brightest Emirati minds with the drive, commitment and determination to succed in their careers. We take it upon ourselves to deveop national talent to be able to take their careers as far as they are willing to go.

National Development Programmes

The National Development Programme has proved to be a success in motivating young nationals to join ENOC. We encourage national employees to obtain the knowledge and understanding of all the different ENOC businesses, their facilities and operations. Our development strategy is focused on building competent behavioral and leadership skills amongst our people.

Foundation functional competency-based skill building programme for entry level technical staff, graduates and non-technical staff.

'Talent Building' development programme focused on developing both functional and behavioural competencies.

'Future Leaders' programme designed to further develop leadership competence and capability.

Technical Training Programme

ENOC's Technical Training Programme is conducted in partnership with the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) and certified by the City & Guilds. The programme aims to manage the development of UAE Nationals to build a strong cadre of qualified and well trained employees, and facilitate a smooth transition of UAE Nationals' participation across all levels of operations.

This programme offers UAE Nationals the opportunity to obtain an international certificate, while gaining a paid on-the-job experience. Apprentices that enroll in the program having finished the training modules, are deployed to the allocated business where they are mentored, and are monitored and assessed to continue their criteria-based Competency Progression Plan, until they reach the target level of competence.


As part of our Emiratisation efforts, ENOC provides training opportunities for UAE National College/University students. The HR Department coordinates with various colleges and universities and arranges to place students in different departments within the organsiation. We strive to ensure students are in the right place to receive best in class training and development activities.

Succession Planning

At ENOC, we invest in our talents and develop them to help take on challenging leadership roles within the Group. This happens through a structured development process for our talented employees, who go through different academic and professional programmes where they gain key competencies to take over leading roles.

Academic Sponsorships for Employees

ENOC employees can seek sponsorship for a Professional Certification, provided the course of study is directly relevant to the job role and/or is a mandatory professional level qualification for the role, and is designed to enhance the competencies required for the current role and/or future career development.

Get In Touch

Please let us know if you have any feedback, request for information or any questions about ENOC.

Get In Touch

Please let us know if you have any feedback, request for information or any questions about ENOC.