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As part of ENOC Group’s concerted efforts to diversify revenue streams, the organisation launched its Retail business segment dedicated to manage and expand its retail portfolio.

Over time, ENOC Retail has established itself as a petroleum retailing leader in the UAE. The business has also expanded to franchising its successful convenience stores concept, bakery & cafe, automotive services as well as car testing and registration facilities across the Middle East.

The success of the Retail business segment has been led by a clear-cut strategy of being in close proximity to customers and in offering a diverse breadth of retail lifestyle experiences.

Operating across a network of over 140 service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, ENOC Retail, over the years, has come to symbolise speed, convenience, service and value. In addition to its core fuel retailing, the service stations feature ZOOM convenience stores, Pronto fresh food and coffee, car wash and quick lube outlets, as well as Autopro automotive services and Tasjeel vehicle testing and registration – offering an integrated experience for customers. ZOOM is also the exclusive convenience store operator in the Dubai Metro.

Serving more than 70 million customers annually, ENOC Retail, today, has over 4,000 employees who spearhead the retailing of fuel, petroleum products and an array of products and services, most of them targeted at the everyday requirements of motorists.

Customers have the provision to pay their credit card and utility bills, purchase/recharge their phone and SALIK tags, buy a variety of foodstuff and household products and enjoy gourmet sandwiches and coffee as well as popular brands of fast food.

The Select Card, another initiative of ENOC Retail, is the UAE’s first fleet fuel card. With more than 130,000 cards in circulation, it is now the market leader and serves the fleet management needs of many companies.

The Retail segment operates UAE’s first, independent vehicle testing and registration complex under the brand Tasjeel that carries out light and heavy vehicle testing as well as registration services in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

The latest ENOC Retail brand to go on stream is AutoPro, a full service car repair brand which was launched in response to the needs of the UAE’ fast growing automotive population for good quality after sales providers. AutoPro performs the majority of basic motor repairs for small to large cars and include preventive maintenance, brakes servicing, air-con repair, suspension and clutch replacement, electrical work and tyre sales. With a highly trained team of mechanics and support staff, AutoPro caters to a wide clientele, especially private motorists who drive 3 to 10 year old vehicles. It also supports fleet customers and guarantees them minimal vehicle downtime enabling them to maximise efficiency and manage costs.

ENOC Retail also has many brands in the F&B sector providing management services and franchising the brands across the Middle East and North Africa region.

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