News Releases

News Releases

ZOOM marks ‘International Plastic Bag Free Day’

July 03, 2018

Dubai, UAE; 3 July 2018: ZOOM has stopped the use of plastic bags for one day across its outlets in the UAE in recognition of the International Plastic Bag free day.” This move comes as part of ZOOM’s support towards sustainability and environment, to raise awareness on important environmental issues such as the effects of plastic pollution.  

It has been estimated that five trillion plastic bags are used each year. The United Nations anticipates that by the year 2050, if plastic pollution continues at its present rate, the volume of accumulated plastics in the ocean will be greater than that of fish.

Currently, 10 ZOOM stores are plastic-bag free, using paper bag alternatives to customers, with plans to eliminate using plastic bags across all stores in the near future. In 2018 Zoom will also introduce canvas bags as part of its efforts to eliminate plastic.

This year, the UAE has geared its efforts towards raising awareness around the harmful effects of using plastics by focusing its efforts towards ‘Ending plastic pollution’ during Earth Day, encouraging entities in the public and private sector to play a role in reducing plastic waste. ZOOM has been using bio-degradable plastic bags since 2016, in efforts to reduce the negative impact of single-use plastics on the environment.

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